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Building B8, Room 11

Phone: +48 71 3954 166

e-mail: A.Bednarkiewicz(at)int.pan.wroc.pl



  • 1993 - 1998 - Technical University Wrocław, Department of Basic Problems of Technology, Biomedical Engineering
  • 1998 - Master degree - Technical University Wrocław
  • 2003 - Ph.D. Eng. degree - Institute of Low Temperatures and Structure Research PAS, in Wrocław
  • 2005-2008 - post-doc position in Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Nanotechnology and Molecular Imaging (NMI) Unit of European Commission - Joint Research Centre
  • currently - adiunkt in Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research
  • 06.2013 - habilitation in ILT&SR PAS : „Luminescent properties of lanthanide doped fluoride nanoluminophores”
  • 2011-... - task leader of Nanoparticle Assisted Molecular Imaging and Sensing group in Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+

Present research activity

  • Lanthanide doped nano-colloidal solutions: optical properties and application in bioscience (biolabels, biomarkers)
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Hyper Spectral Imaging, Molecular Imaging
  • Non-invasive monitoring of living cell functions
  • Applications of spatial light modulators in digital photolithography, neurotoxicity, photodynamic cell colony enrichment, high-content imaging
  • Diode Pumped Solid State lasers - ytterbium doped double tungstates (KYW, KGdW) and YAG laser crystals were investigated i CW and Q-switch mode in the end-pump configuration.
  • Spectroscopy of rare earths - especially energy transfer between Eu-Yb, Tb-Yb and Nd-Yb
  • Application of physics and lasers in medicine - photodynamic therapy and diagnosis of cancer, atherosclerosis, spectroscopy of photosensitizers, application of lasers in medicine

Professional activities:

  • Consultant of LaserSecura Ltd. (medical lasers, software), Wroclaw Poland; MediCom Ltd. (software, video diagnosis equipment) Wroclaw, Poland; Optel Ltd. (document/banknotes protection, optical components) Wroclaw, Poland; Haemato Gmbh (photodynamic cancer diagnosis and treatment) Berlin, Germany.
  • A director of R&D department in Nanovectors spin-off company (2012-)
  • Member of the Organising Committee of the following international conferences: International Conference on Luminescence ICL’14 Wroclaw (2014), International Conference on f-elements (2005), International Symposium on New Trends in Photodynamic therapy and Diagnosis (2004), Rare-earth systems (2003), Excited State of Transition Elements (2001)
  • Reviewer in scientific journals (Nature Nanotechnology x2, Optical Materials x29, J.Luminescence x10, Optics Express, ACS The Journal of Physical Chemistry, RSC Nanoscale 3x, Materials Science & Engineering, Toxicology Letters, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces x4, RSC Chemical Communications, RCS Dalton Transactions x5, Polish scientific journals, 8x RCS Dalton Transactions, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research., J.Nanoparticle Research  3x etc.)
  • Reviewer of grant proposals (4x Foundation for Polish Science, 2x NCN)
  • Lecturer of specialised medical courses concerning lasers applications in diagnosis and treatment, occasionally lecturer in Technical University Wroclaw; lecturer during Festival of Science in Wroclaw (2003, 2011, 2013), Poland
  • Supervisor of several M.Sc. theses concerning lanthanide spectroscopy, solid-state lasers, biospectroscopy, lasers and medical applications of light. Two of the students received prises for best M.Sc. thesis (p.D.Wawrzynczyk – Polish Physical Society, Pawel Gacek-Stowarzyszenie Elektryków Polskich)