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  1. P. J. Deren and W. Strek, Two-photon vibronic transitions of Gd3+ in cubic Cs2NaGdCl6 crystal, Journal of Luminescence, Volume 69, Issues 5-6, 11 December 1996, Pages 295-299
  2. P. J. Deren, M. Malinowski and W. Strek, Site selection spectroscopy of Cr3+ in MgAl2O4 green spinel, Journal of Luminescence, Volume 68, Issues 2-4, May 1996, Pages 91-103
  3. Holsa J, Sailynoja E, Yiha P, Porcher P, Deren P, Strek W. Analysis of the crystal structure and optical spectra of stoichiometric SmOF. Journal of Physical Chemistry, vol.100, no.35, 29 Aug. 1996, pp.14736-44
  4. Macalik L, Hanuza J, Macalik B, Strek W, Legendziewicz J. Comparative studies of optical properties of Eu(III) in KEu(MoO4)2 and KEu(WO 4)2 crystals. European Journal of Solid State & Inorganic Chemistry, vol.33, no.5, 1996, pp.397-410
  5. Holsa J, Kestila E, Ylha P, Saez-Puche R, Deren P, Strek W, Porcher P. Analysis of the optical spectra and paramagnetic susceptibility of DyOF. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, vol.8, no.10, 4 March 1996, pp.1575-90
  6. Jorma Hölsä, Eija Kestilä, Pia Ylhä, Regino Sáez-Puche, Przemyslaw Deren, Wieslaw Strek and Pierre Porcher, Analysis of the optical spectra and paramagnetic susceptibility of DyOF., J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 8 (4 March 1996) 1575-1590

1. L Marciniak, A Bednarkiewicz, Nanocrystalline NIR-to-NIR luminescent thermometer based on Cr3+,Yb3+ emission, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 243, 388–393, 2017

2. L. Marciniak, A. Bednarkiewicz, W. Strek, The impact of nanocrystals size on luminescent properties and thermometry capabilities of Cr, Nd doped nanophosphors, Sensors & Actuators: B, 238, 381–386, 2017

3. A. Chiappini, C. Armellini, A. Carpentiero, L. Pasquardini, L. Lunelli, A. Vaccari, S. Pelli, A. Lukowiak, C. Pederzolli, G.C. Righini, R. Ramponi, M. Ferrari, Glass-derived photonic crystal structures, Advances in Science and Technology, 98, 17-25, 2017

4. S. Ghosh, S. Valligatla, A. Lukowiak, A. Chiasera, M. Ferrari, S.B.N. Bhaktha, Time-resolved photoluminescence studies in Eu doped SiO2 - HfO2 - ZnO glass-ceramic waveguides, Ceramics International 43, 1145-1149, 2017

5. P. Godlewska, A. J. Pelczarska, A. Watras, L. Macalik, M. Ptak, I. Szczygieł, J. Hanuza, Structural and optical studies  of Eu3+ doped Na3Mg2P5O16 pentaphosphate, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 695, 21-26, 2017

6. M. Puchalska, E. Zych, A. Watras, Cooperative up-conversion processes in SrAl4O7:Yb and SrAl4O7:Yb, Tb and their dependence on charge compensation by Na, Journal of Luminescence, 183, 185-192, 2017

7. B. Cichy, D. Wawrzynczyk, M. Samoc, W. Stręk  „Electronic properties and third-order optical nonlinearities in tetragonal chalcopyrite AgInS2, AgInS2/ZnS and cubic spinel AgIn5S8, AgIn5S8/ZnS quantum dots” Journal of Materials Chemistry C,5, 149-158, 2017

8. K. Lemański, M. Babij, M. Ptak, P.J. Dereń, Spectroscopic properties of MZnPO (M=Gd, Y) polycrystals doped with Nd3+ ions, Journal of Luminescence, 184, 130-135, 2017

9. K.N. Boldyrev, P. Dereń, and M.N. Popova,  Deformation splittings in the spectra of LaAlO3: Ho3+, Pr3+, Tm3+ single crystals, EPJ Web of Conferences 132 03004, 2017, SPECTROSCOPY.SU 2017

10. A. Pilch, D. Wawrzyńczyk, M. Kurnatowska, B. Czaban, M. Samoć, W. Strek, A. Bednarkiewicz, The concentration dependent up-conversion luminescence of Ho3+ and Yb3+ co-doped β-NaYF4, Journal of Luminescence. 182, 114-122, 2017

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