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  1. Aitasalo T, Deren P, Holsa J, et al.,"Annihilation of the persistent luminescence of MAl2O4 : Eu2+ by Sm3+ co-doping", RADIAT MEAS, 38(4-6):515-518 Sp. Iss. SI AUG-DEC 2004
  2. Hreniak D, Strek W, Opalinska A, et al. ,"Luminescence properties of Tb-doped yttrium disilicate prepared by the sol-gel method", J SOL-GEL SCI TECHN, 32(1-3):195-200 OCT-DEC 2004
  3. Antic-Fidancev E, Deren PJ, Krupa JC,"Energy levels and crystal field calculations of Er3+ in LaAlO3",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):376-379 OCT 20 2004
  4. Deren PJ, Krupa JC,"Spectroscopic properties of LaAlO3 doped with Ho3+",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):362-367 OCT 20 2004
  5. Deren PJ, Mahiou R, Krupa JC,"Strong and weak up-conversion rate in LaCl3: U3+ single crystal",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):357-361 OCT 20 2004
  6. Hreniak D, Strek W, Amami J, et al. ,"The size-effect on luminescence properties of BaTiO3 : Eu3+ nanocrystallites prepared by the sol-gel method",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):348-351 OCT 20 2004
  7. Macalik L, Hanuza J, Maczka M, Bednarkiewicz A, Hreniak A, Strek W ,"Synthesis, structure and preliminary spectral properties of K24RE0.01W10.99O35 hexatungstate bronze-like crystals (RE = Er, Eu)",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):343-347 OCT 20 2004
  8. Karbowiak M, Mech A, Bednarkiewicz A, Strek W,"Structural and luminescent properties of nanostructured KGdF4 : Eu3+ synthesised by coprecipitation method",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):321-326 OCT 20 2004
  9. Mech A, Karbowiak M, Kepinski L, Bednarkiewicz A, Strek W,"Structural and luminescent properties of nano-sized NaGdF4 : Eu3+ synthesised by wet-chemistry route",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):315-320 OCT 20 2004
  10. Kornak R, Maruszewski K, Strek W, et al. ,"Electric and magnetic properties of sol-gel silica powders doped with ferrofluid",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):268-273 OCT 20 2004
  11. Macalik L, Maczka M, Hanuza J, Bednarkiewicz A, Hreniak D, Strek W, Majchrowski A,"Structure and properties of the KNbW2O9 hexagonal bronze doped with Eu3+ ions as an optically active probe",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):248-254 OCT 20 2004
  12. Trojan-Piegza J, Zych E, Hreniak D, et al. ,"Comparison of spectroscopic properties of nanoparticulate Lu2O3 : Eu synthesized using different techniques",J ALLOY COMPD, 380(1-2):123-129 OCT 20 2004
  13. Trojan-Piegza J, Zych E, Hreniak D, et al. ,"Structural and spectroscopic characterization of Lu2O3 : Eu nanocrystalline spherical particles",J PHYS-CONDENS MAT, 16(39):6983-6994 OCT 6 2004
  14. Bednarkiewicz A, Strek W,"Influence of uterine cervix shape on photodynamic therapy efficiency",J BIOMED OPT, 9(5):1013-1017 SEP-OCT 2004
  15. Zareba-Grodz I, Mista W, Strek W, et al. ,"Synthesis and properties of an inorganic-organic hybrid prepared by the sol-gel method",OPT MATER, 26(2):207-211 JUL 2004
  16. Lukowiak A, Lukowiak E, Jasiorski M, Strek W,"Influence of gamma radiation on neodymium bisphthalocyanine",OPT MATER, 26(2):163-166 JUL 2004
  17. Jasiorski M, Skoczylas A, Hermanowicz K, Haimann K, Strek W, Maruszewski K. ,"Surface-enhanced Raman spectra of substances adsorbed on Ag-0 clusters deposited on SiO2 submicron spheres prepared by the sol-gel method",OPT MATER, 26(2):145-149 JUL 2004
  18. Nyk M, Jablonski JM, Strek W, et al. ,"Yellow emission of GaN nanocrystals embedded in a silica xerogel matrix",OPT MATER, 26(2):133-136 JUL 2004
  19. Nyk M, Hreniak D, Strek W, et al. ,"Photo- and cathodoluminescence properties of Lu2O3 : Tb3+ nanocrystallites embedded in TiO2 films on silicon and quartz substrates",OPT MATER, 26(2):129-132 JUL 2004
  20. Hreniak D, Strek W, Mazur P, et al. ,"Luminescence properties of Tb33+: Y3Al5O12 nanocrystallites prepared by the sol-gel method",OPT MATER, 26(2):117-121 JUL 2004
  21. Kuzmin AN, Kachynski AV, Prasad PN, Demidovich AA, Batay LE, Bednarkiewicz A, Strek W, Titov AN,"Blue up-conversion emission in Yb- and Tm-codoped potassium yttrium tungstate",J APPL PHYS, 95(12):7862-7866 JUN 15 2004
  22. Acevedo R, Soto-Bubert A, Navarro G, Meruane T, Strek W,"Spectral intensities for the emission vertical bar S4(3/2)Gamma(8)>->vertical bar I-4(15/2)Gamma > in the Cs2NaErC16",ACTA PHYS POL A, 105(3):233-251 MAR 2004
  23. Nyk M, Strek W, Jablonski JM, et al. ,"Morphology, structural and absorption studies on gallium nitride powder",MATER SCI-POLAND, 22(3):235-240 2004
  24. Hreniak A, Nyk M, Hreniak D, et al. ,"Optical properties of Eu(III) doped nanocrystalline films of TiO2",MATER SCI-POLAND, 22(3):227-234 2004
  25. Pazik R, Hreniak D, Strek W,"Synthesis and luminescence properties of nanocrystalline BaTiO3 : Nd3+ obtained by sol-gel methods",MATER SCI-POLAND 22 (3): 219-225 2004
  26. Bednarkiewicz A,"Analysis of optical transitions of Nd3+ in YAG nanocrystallites",MATER SCI-POLAND, 22(3):211-217 2004
  27. Jasiorski M, Bakardijeva S, Doroszkiewicz W, Brzezinski S, Malinowska G, Marcinkowska D, Ornat M, Strek W, Maruszewski K,"Properties and applications of silica submicron powders with surface Ag nanoclusters",MATER SCI-POLAND, 22(2):137-144 2004
  28. Teotonio EES, Felinto MCFC, Brito HF, Malta OL, Trindade AC, Najjar R, Strek W,"Synthesis, crystalline structure and photoluminescence investigations of the new trivalent rare earth complexes (Sm3+, Eu3+ and Tb3+) containing 2-thiophenecarboxylate as sensitizer",INORG CHIM ACTA, 357(2):451-460 JAN 30 2004
  29. Podbielska H, Strek W, Bednarkiewicz A, et al. ,"New approach to non-oncological photodynamic laser therapy",PHYS MEDICA, 20:52-54 Suppl. 1 2004

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