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Centrum Doskonałości NAFCELLS
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Current and past Polish Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) Projects

1. KBN 2 P03B 158 12, Synthesis and optical investigations of new dielectric materials doped with metallic nanoparticles, until 31.12.1998
2. KBN 7 T08D 027 08, Investigation of spectroscopic properties of sol-gel quartz glasses doped with rare-earth ions , until 31.12.1998
3. KBN 3 T09B 084 12, Method of preparation and physicochemical properties of optical chemi- and biosensors based on the sol-gel silica materials, until 30.04.1999
4. KBN PBZ/KBN/13/T08/99, Nanosized crystalline materials doped with rare-earth ions, until 14.11.2003
5. KBN 4 T08A 046 22, Preparation and optical properties of nanocrystalline Y3Al5O12 ceramics doped with Nd3+-ions, 01.02.2002-31.12.2003
6. KBN 3 T08A 045 26, Synthesis and studies of optical properties of nanocrystalline sol-gel materials doped with rare-earth ions, until 20.12.2004
7. KBN 4 T09B 087 23, Transparent polycrystalline ceramics of Lu2O3:Eu and Lu2O3:Tb as a new X-ray scintillators, 14.10.2002-13.10.2005
8. KBN 4 T08D 038 24, Optical and laser properties of nanopowders, ceramics and single crystals of LaAlO3 perovskites doped with rare-earth ions, 19.05.2003-18.05.2005
9. KBN 4 T08D 039 24, Method of fabrication and optical properties of nanocrystalline, transparent ceramics of yttrium-aluminum garnet and zirconia doped with rare-earth ions, 30.05.2003-29.05.2006
10. PBZ-KBN-095/T08/, Nanoparticles obtained by the sol-gel method for functionalization of textile and composite-textile materials, until 30.09.2006
11. KBN 3 T08A 006 29, Nanocrystal size dependence of the spectroscopic properties of nonlinear optical materials doped with rare-earth ions, until 30.09.2007