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WPTL6-01 Programmable Desktop Dip Coater with Heating Chamber for 5 Samples Coating

  • Pulling and dipping speed are controlled by touch screen digital controller. It can be programmed dipping / pulling rate, dwell times for both in liquid and temperature chamber to achieve automatically coating from one solution to another by rotating liquid holder disk up to five layers
  • Precision controlled pulling and dipping rates from 1 mm/minute - 40 mm/minute
  • Digital display speed with +/-0.02% accuracy
  • Dipping cycle travel distance is 80 mm or 3.14". 
  • Liquid holder disk can carry five liquid solutions and be rotated automatically as programmed. 
  • Five 150 ml glass cups ( 60mm diax 60 mm H) are included for immediate use 
  • Fife sample holder , which can hang substrate sample
  • Pulling -dipping - rotation mechanism is built in a controlled temperature chamber which can be heated up to 200 oC with +/-1 oC accuracy 
  • Inside dimension of temperature chamber: 280 mm L x 280  mm W x 280  mm H,  made by stainless steel
  • Compact desktop design with dimension: 500 mm x 500 mm  x 1180 mm
  • Net Weight: 55 Lb
  • Dwell time (in liquid) - 0~999 seconds
  • Cycle range in each positiion - 1~10 times
  • Total Max. cycles 5 in  positions - 50 times