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Our equipment allows us to measure luminescence spectra in the UV,Vis,IR spectral region, time resolved spectra, lifetime measurement (tmin ~20ns). we use different excitation sources.
Devices used in measurement :

1. Monochromator - JobinYvon THR1000 with exchangable gratings  detectors (R928, R406 - look here for spectral characteristics of photodetectors). It allows us to measure in the 300-1150 nm (33000-8000cm-1) region with the 0.01 nm resolution.
2. Fast and miniature CCD spectrophotometers:
      OceanOptics SD2000 (340-1000nm spectral range, ~0.3 nm resolution)
      Avantes (350-1000nm spectral range, ~0.35 nm resolution)
3. Two channel photon counter SR400 Standford for time resolved spectra
4. Two channel digital oscilloscopes:
      Tektronix TDS 380 400MHz
      LeCroy WaveSurfer 400
5.  Laser beam power meter Coherent - Field Master and 2 heads LM-2 ( 0.4-1.1 mm spectral range, Pmax = 50 mW) and LM-10 (0.25-11 mm spectral range, Pmax = 10W)
6. Criocooler APD Cryiogenics HC-2, down to 10K, for absorption and emission measurements in controlable temperature conditions
7. Low-voltage cathodoluminscent measuring device

Excitation sources :

1. Lamps ( ksenon, tungstate, halogen) with the electrical power of the bulb around 50-100 W
2. Lasers
  • Excimer laser 308 nm, tpulse ~ 10ns, E~100mJ [~33000cm-1] (LAMBDA PHYSIC - LPX 100)
  • LUMONICS HyperDYE-300, tuned dye laser excited with excimer laser (the dyes allow to obtain wavelength in the range 418 nm [~24000cm-1] to 772 nm[~13000cm-1]), and puls energy depends on the excitation puls energy
  •  Gas lasers ( Ar+ 514.5, 496.5, 488.0, 476.5, 457.9 nm [20000cm-1] i Kr+ 676.4, 647.1 nm [~15600cm-1], with optical power around 0.5 - 1 W
  • Laser diodes ( 980nm 800 mW [~10000cm-1], 808nm [~12400cm-1] 700 mW, 660 nm [15100cm-1] 300mW)
  • Nd:YAG Laser 1064 nm [~9400cm-1] tpulse ~ 10ns, E~70mJ, 532 nm [~19000cm-1] ( II harmonics Nd:YAG) tpulse ~ 10ns, E~40mJ
  • SH Nd:YAG laser 532 nm CW [~19000cm-1] (200 mW)
  • Nd:YAG LASER SYSTEM LS-2137/2M (pulsed Q-switched Nd:YAG laser lasing at the FF (1064nm) and the SH (532nm))